Side Dishes

The deliciousness of the appetizer menu with a variety of menus to choose with the freshness of the finest ingredients and meticulousness in creating each menu It has a delicious, unique taste, typical of MOS BURGER.

Side Dishes サイドメニュー

Salmon Cheese Ball


70 ฿

Salmon Cheese Balls, stuffed with salmon meat and cheese, are a delicious snack that will keep you hungry during the day.

Chicken Tempura Nuggets


99 ฿

All time favourite appetizer! crispy chicken nuggets dipped in tomato sauce to add a little more flavor. Always need more!

MOS Chicken


73 ฿

You can't find any tender boneless chicken thigh anywhere but MOS's ! Hot fried well-selected chicken thighs, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Let's try!!

Spicy Sausage


53 ฿

Sausage with crispy skin and slightly spicy. Recommended!

MOS Sausage


53 ฿

One of the Order that you must not miss, The Crispy Sausage.

Chilli Cheese Potato


62 ฿

Hot french fries, topped with chilli sauce and rich cheese sauce. You must love it!

French Fries


(S) 46 ฿

(L) 56 ฿

Hot large french fries, sprinkled with salt. So delicious that you have to reorder!

Onion Rings


65 ฿

Crispy but soft on the inside fried onion. Try pairing it with some burger, it's the best!

French Fries & Onion Rings

フレンチフライ アンド オニオンリング→オニポテ

55 ฿

French fries and fried onions, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Dip into some sauce to add a bit of flavor. One snack menu that will make you hungry. Let's reorder!

Ebi Ten


99 ฿

Fried Shrimp Agedama Style, serve with Tartar sauce. The two perfectly style that you can either order to be a sanck or with a burger.

Clam Chowder


73 ฿

Creamy Soup with the taste of freshly clams, ready to serve every order.

Corn Cream Soup


53 ฿

Creamy soup mixed with cornmeal, sweet and full of corn flavor.

Spicy Chicken Pop


49 ฿

Firm chicken, bite-sized pieces, crispy fried, mixed with a unique spiciness, must try!!

MOS Salad


65 ฿

Moss salad, various kinds of fresh vegetables are served to you with rich flavored salad dressing of your choice, such as a special salad dressing from Japan, a Japanese roasted sesame dressing or a Thousand Island. It's so delicious that you can't put it down. Good for health lovers.

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